Binge Eating

Binge Eating – Stop Pigging Out!

Addiction is a thing that is interpreted as excessive and likely not good if continue to be felt and carried out, including in this case is addicted to eating, and it is included in a health nuisance. Hooked usually associated with smoking, drugs, gambling, alcohol and coffee.

BINGEBut addicted to overeating, have you ever heard it? Addiction is a condition where someone eating triggers for overeating or really like certain food types.

This can be caused by chemical reactions of the body or also because it triggered an emotional things. In the end it is not a matter of what caused a person addicted to eating, what is important is how to avoid overeating and control the emotions that can lead to excessive desire for food consumption. Addicted to eating leads to cause obesity.

How to get rid of it is to fight the addiction itself and the accompanying emotional causes. A feeling of profound embarrassment makes sufferers try to deny the addiction by pretending not to notice the existence of the problem even though the evidence shows otherwise. If it does not put an end to this challenge, we will not be able to change our lives. Cure is not just with escape it addictive, but also looking for what is the most fundamental causes of addiction, including binge eating disorder.

There are various reasons given when someone’s hobby, or are binge eating disorder.

Some say that meal times are most feared as a child, because her parents always argued while eating. Finally he attempted to spend food quickly to avoid an unpleasant atmosphere. Later on, he is very difficult to eat slowly. And he doesn’t know when he is full. The culmination of that he always spent with comfort eating. The sensation of feeling of fullness made her feel satisfied with their surroundings.

While others say that describe the meal together with his family was uncomfortable. His father insists meal time is simply to eat and could not speak, and foods that are provided must be spent. This state of affairs makes Roselle hurriedly leave the table as quickly as possible. He said the need for many years to learn to eat without feeling worried.

To fight an addiction we have to commit ourselves. Is a challenge for the responsible on yourself, on your thoughts, feelings and actions. There are two important things to tackle addiction, discover what triggers us to continue eating. Identify and deal with things that are emotional that could generate and trigger a craving to eat. For most people, food triggers addiction tends to be made from flour and sugar, such as cake, biscuits, white bread, pasta and so on.

Whereas many other foods that can be replaced. But this is a challenge because so many opportunities to eat them. Make a deal with the emotions that come up is the hardest part. A lot of people who think obesity and overeating or eating addiction are genetic factors. May be partly true, but this is not the attitude that helps, because we will think there is no benefit that can be done to stop the addiction. This attitude will destroy our desire to overcome addiction.

Other tips that can be done to cope with the binge eating disorder and at once to reduce the incidence of overweight due to eating a lot, i.e. with the consumption of foods that do not contain a considerable amount of cholesterol found in everyday life. You can replace the bad fats with healthy fats.

Consume plant foods can increase the intake of vegetable proteins which helps lower cholesterol levels. Want to know what food is anti-cholesterol. One of them is by eating mushrooms. The mushrooms are rich in chromium, a mineral that helps break own fats into simpler compounds,i.e. acid-fatty acids. These activities help men reduce LDL fat levels and increase the levels of good fats(HDL). Another source of chromium is nuts, such as walnuts, peanuts,cashews and almonds.

Some good food as an alternative in overcoming the hobby of eating, among other things:

Apples. Soluble fibre is found in apples is a source of beta-glucan. In the body, beta-glucan contributed to control the production and absorption of cholesterol. Another source of papaya, eaten with the Peel fruits (apples and pears), carrots, peas and other legumes vegetables in General (beans, winged bean, and long beans), dried legumes (green beans, red beans, and peanuts, as well as brown rice.

Tuna fish. Tuna fish including sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are popular, other than salmon and mackerel. Omega-3s specifically protects the body against bad LDL cholesterol levels rise.

Red guava. Just like the Red watermelon and tomato red, guava red rich local lychopene. Lychopene contributed in controlling the production of cholesterol.

Avocado. Pantothenic acid is the most notable compounds in avocados which act suppressed blood cholesterol levels.

Soy. This rich folk food compounds phytochemical isoflavones which are anti-cholesterol. There are also a lot of tofu and soy milk.

Peanuts. Peanut crusted baked in the oven. These snacks healthy fat abundant and rich in vitamin E, which can ‘ lock up ‘ free radicals in order not to damage the bad cholesterol LDL, so the formation of plaque in blood vessel walls can be avoided and prevent heart attacks.

Mango. Vitamin C is found in many mango. Other sources: star fruit, various types of citrus (grapefruit, Mandarin, and others), papaya, strawberries, and kiwi. Vitamin C prevents oxidized LDL bad cholesterol, thereby avoiding the formation of plaque in blood vessel walls.

Lime wedges. Among the various kinds of grapefruit, lime or lemon is the most widely contain flavonoids. This compound is able to inhibit excessive LDL production so as to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Flavonoids can also be retrieved in tea, broccoli, tomatoes, soybeans, onions in layers like onion and onion and pomegranate.

In the short term the addictive eating can reduce anxiety, frustration, hurt, sad, angry and keep us from things that do not like to confront us. But in the long run, he’ll sabotage our nervous system, our relationships and our lives. So rather than just thinking about eating, it’s better to think how to live healthier.